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WordPress Optimization Service

Slow website hurts! Isn’t it ? Speed Matters, because:

  • Faster your website, better is the ranking

  • Better Conversion more success

  • Better User experience, Longer Engagements

WordPress Optimization Service: An Unique Approach

 Why our WordPress Optimization Service is the best and how your WordPress website will get super charged

Server Optimization

Implementation of required PHP accelerators (e.g op-cache) and usage of optimized web server (e.g Nginx).

Plugin Minimization

WordPress Website performance is inversely proportional to the no of plugins installed in it. We try to keep only the most required plugins and remove other plugins, whose purpose can be solved with a few lines of code.

Usage of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

By using a CDN service (e.g cloud-flare) visitors will experience faster load time of pages. Plus CDN also helps in reducing bandwidth of your primary server. It also helps in preventing DDOS attacks.

Image optimization

We use several resizing tool to reduce image size and implement image caching tools (e.g pagespeed) to compress images to reduce file size.

Code Minification

Minifying codes (e.g css, js & html) eliminates unnecessary bytes like spaces, breaks and indentation and reduces the overall load time of the website.

Database Optimization

We will do the required setup and upgrade for the website database. This includes MySQL config, storage engine update and replication update. This helps in better run-time for SQL queries.

Image css sprites

We combine all your theme images with image sprites. This helps to reduce image size and repetitive image loading, that increases the page load time.

Combining CSS & JS

We will Combine all CSS & JS that will significantly save many HTTP requests and thus boosting the page load time. We also use asynchronous method and Defer method for JS & CSS.

Removal of unused code

The removal of unwanted codes saves bytes and minimizes bandwidth usage thus boosting the page load time.


Measured Performance & Quantified Improvement

 A real time comparison of a website’s performance before  and after the WordPress Optimization Service.


Frequently Asked Queries.

Why do I need this WordPress Optimization Service ?

Currently all major search engines like Google, Bing provide extra weight to websites that loads faster. Also study suggests that if your website’s load-time is more than 4 sec, most people will leave your website without even looking at it. So, optimizing your website is not only important for getting better SEO (search engine optimization) ranking but also make sure that your potential customers doesn’t leave your site just because it loads slowly. As WordPress is a pretty big CMS with lots of themes and plugins, most WordPress sites gets slower due to this problem. So, as much as your give importance to the design, you should give equal importance on optimizing your website.

What all are included in this service ?

We provide enterprise level WordPress optimization service, so it not just about the 4 sec load time, but also to load it as fast as possible in your current hosting environment. This is not just a service for installing plugins, like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. We will study your website and it’s code intensely understanding the all root cause of the slowness of your site and then fix them from the root, so that you won’t face this issues again.

What are changes that you will do ?

It’s hard to say the list of changes we will be performing because it varies form one site to another. So, for every site there are some different reason for it’s slowness.

Will you provide me the list of changes, you will do ?

If you need,  I can sent you a high level overview of the things that I have done with your website, but I wont be able to  provide the details of exact changes or how I made those changes because of my non disclosure service terms. If you really care as to where & how I did those changes then you are more interested about knowing my tricks rather than making your site faster 🙂

Please explain the scope for Free Support ?

We will provide 30 Days free support no matter which optimization service you purchase from us.

Do you provide Guarantee of your work ?

You bet, Yes We do. We are so confident in our Complete WordPress Speed Optimization Service that if we fail to dramatically improve your website’s performance, as agreed with you,  you not only get your money back, but get it back as 100% return.

How can I check my website's present speed ?

The below two tools will tell you how fast or slow your website is.

I still have more questions, what to do ?

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact us at info@awksolutions.com or call at our toll free no. 1800 123 6606.


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