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No. 1 Script for any Daily Deals, Cashback or Reward based Website

When it comes to development or up-gradation any websites related to Daily Deals, Coupons or Cashback script, AWK Solution’s cashback script, is the most preferred choice, for any clients across the globe. Because of its robust cashback solution and rich talent pool, the company had delivered 16 successfully running Daily Deals & Cashback website in the year 2016 itself. Almost 39+ live Cashback Websites, running across the globe, speaks a lot of our in-depth expertise & understanding in Daily Deals & Cashback industry. Professional features, excellent design & periodic upgrades makes this cashback script the preferred choice for everyone. This Cashback Script is a fully automated solution with power packed features, that are upgraded on regular intervals. As a result this ensures a low operational cost and increased ROI for a cashback website owner. Furthermore its robust framework supports, seamless integration with any affiliate network and is compatible for Android / iOS app development. In addition, automated bank transfer module, multi payout system & e wallet integration are some of the premium features of this Cashback script.

So, if you are planning to develop a new coupon based website, daily deals or Cashback Website, or, planning to upgrade your existing deals or Cashback website, then you are in the right spot.

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Foundation pillars of the solutions

The entire development of the solution & all future upgrades are based on this 4 pillars.

fully automated features

Fully Automated Features

Be it deals & coupon feed update, order tracking, category mapping, cashback tracking, or cashback payout, the entire cashback script is automated. All that is required is a 1 time setup.

custom UI development

100% Customized UI

The tradition of predefined front-end or UI end here. Our concept of “design your own UI” ensures that your website UI is unique & 100% customized to your need.

cashback website development

Android & iOS App

Our cashback website development is an App ready solution. Currently it is available for Android & iOS platform. This is available, at an extra budget.

keyword research icon

SEO & Security Optimized

The development of our cashback script is optimized for on-page SEO, and the Codeignator framework act as a shield, against hacking & security compromise.

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQ)

What is a Cashback or Daily Deals Script ?

Online deals and cashback is a billion dollar industry. A deal or cashback website is a type of reward and loyalty based website, where the registered users, get a certain discount on every purchased goods and services via the cashback website. Every time a customer purchase online, the cashback website receives a commission from the retailer, for every successful purchase and a small percentage of the commission is shared with the customer making the purchase. This commission comes in form of reward points, which, may be redeemed, in form of cash, utility payments, Mobile recharge or gift cards.

What are the Server Requirements ?

The minimum server requirement for our cashback website development are as follows.

  • A Linux based operating system.
  • A Dedicated server (preferably Digital Ocean or AWS)
  • PHP version 5.2 onward
  • PHP GD library
  • ionCube loaders for PHP
  • Mysql 5.6 / Maria DB / Mongo DB
  • Apache 2.4 onward / Nginx 2.0 onward
  • Any CDN hosting (optional)

Do I get full ownership of the script ?

Yes, you get full ownership of the design and usage ownership of the features in the script, but for a single domain or website. This means, you can further customize the cashback script, for any additional features or requirements, which are presently not available in the package.

You cannot resell the script to anyone, neither is its original form, nor customized form.

Please explain the scope for Free Support ?

On purchasing our cashback Script solution, you get 1 year of free support.

Free support includes the following:

  • Installation & migration of script, in case you are changing your hosting.
  • On call support to admin user’s queries.
  • One complete front-end design & integration.
  • One time setup for on-page SEO.
  • One time config & optimization of web server.
  • Support for any kind of bug fixing.

Free support does not include the following:

  • Development of extra features or custom requirement.
  • Designing any additional templates or design change for existing template.
  • Any 3rd party software integration.
  • Configuring & optimizing web server, more than once.

Please explain the scope for Free Upgrade ?

You will receive lifetime upgrades for all features, securities for our cashback script. All new features that are included after your purchase, will not be available by default. You will have to pay a very discounted price for getting such future upgrades.

What if I need custom features or themes for this script ?

If you have any custom requirements or additional feature developments, please contact us at info@awksolutions.com or call at our toll free no. 1800 123 6606 (India) or +91 343 260 6625 (others). The same applies if you need any additional theme developments.

Is it a open source code ?

Almost! We provide 99% open source codes so that you may extend the functionalities if you want and that too without any dependence from our end. We only encode a few files in order to protect our software from unauthorized distributions. Encoded files will never be an issue for you to customize our script.

Power Packed Features


Unique feature packed, front-end, developed and customized, exclusively for each client, based on their requirement and expectation.


Inbuilt advanced search and multi filter option for deals, merchants and categories, that works based on multiple complex inputs.


From cashback or order tracking, to deal updates or featured display, the entire cashback system is automated, resulting in minimum running cost.


Payout user’s directly to their bank account, with the automated bank transfer module & ensure a long term customer loyalty.


We believe google analytic is the best tool for SEO & other traffic related reporting. Hence all our cashback website development, comes with a analytic dashboard, fully integrated with analytic data and reporting in the back-end.


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